Tardis Janitorial Cupboard

Tardis Janitorial Cupboard


Apart from legislation, little has changed in the ‘dirty’ end of the kitchen for years.Imagine then a clean defined area, no wet mops in dirty smelly buckets – all out of sight – even space for all your controlled cleaning chemicals as well as an optonal hand wash basin.

Corsair’s Tardis Range makes it all come true: a COSHH Cupboard, Bucket Sink and Hand Wash Basin and much more in one lockable stainless steel enclosure.

To make life easier:

  • Strong internal shelving for chemical storage
  • A perforated panel to prevent fume build-up
  • Mop and brush hangers combined with a washable drip tray*
  • A double-jointed tap for the buckets you can’t get into the sink
  • An optional ozone generator to deliver active odour control
  • Rear and base service access panel
  • Door-mounted coat hooks for overalls
  • Storage facility for buckets and signage panels
  • Ability to mount a chemical dosage unit within the cupboard

Into the bargain, you eliminate a major slip-hazard in the kitchen – the bucket sink! *only on TD090 and TD1200 models

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