Vortex-POD – Fresh Filtered Air Into Your Kitchen

Do you need to get supply air into an existing kitchen?

Current regulations insist on having powered make up air introduced to a kitchen, where gas powered appliances are being used.

In an existing kitchen that could mean a considerable expensive refurbishment.

To avoid this, Corsair have developed the Vortex-POD, a self contained supply air unit that is easily fitted into an existing kitchen with the minimum of expense and disruption for your client.

With its own weather cowl, fan unit and integral filtration, this really is a self contained pod, which can be interlocked with the gas interlock system and provides controllable filtered fresh air all in one unit.


Kitchen ventilation supply air unit

Link to literature : POD Brochure

Link to POD case study : Case Study IBIS

Corsair supporting the new NHS Nightingale Hospitals – Covid 19

hot food trolley

Corsair and Burlodge supply equipment for the new critical care hospitals in the UK: Covid-19 Response

The two companies are proud to have shipped equipment for the new emergency critical care hospitals dealing with the Covid-19 epidemic; the Nightingale Hospitals in England, the Louisa Jordan in Glasgow and the Dragon’s Heart in Cardiff.

Burlodge UK is Corsair’s exclusive healthcare partner and their trolleys easily facilitate a complete breakfast and beverage service; crucial at all stages of treatment and recovery.

Whilst many suppliers are closed or operating at much reduced capacity, Corsair and Burlodge continue their manufacturing process to support our NHS at this critical time for our country.

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Welcome to our new website. Corsair Engineering invites you to explore our new website. This links back to our new group marketing strategy, so expect lots more to come. For more information on our group please view the Unitech Group site.

Our new site has been created with the customer experience in mind, the site includes many new features to help users quickly and easily navigate the site and find the right product or service that they require.

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Corsair Engineering

At Corsair Engineering, we’re proud to say that over 70 per cent of our output is bespoke.

Our commitment to providing these unique products, means that distributors can offer their customers the most efficient and cost-effective solution for their particular application, rather than settling for off-the-shelf offerings.

There are lots of factors that are pivotal to a dealer’s offering: it’s important that they choose the ‘right’ products for the end user. Cost is a big issue for dealers and their customers but they also must take into consideration the cost-benefit properties for the solutions on offer. We are very keen to empahsise the difference between price and cost at Corsair –

Making a product adjustable makes it much more convenient and versatile for the end user, and therefore should be attractive to the distributor. Corsair offers various types of height adjustment on our products depending on the application.

For example, we have just made several height-adjustable fish tables for one of the UK’s leading supermarket groups. We also supply a ‘ladder’ system that allows height adjustment of our Wall Shelving and our Racking can be supplied with adjustability using a Corner clamp bracket.

The Corsair team is well experienced in dealing with other manufacturers in the industry to ensure that our offering is designed to perfectly interface with their equipment.

Dishwash tabling certainly requires close liaison with other manufacturers since the merge between the fabrication and the dishwasher is fundamental to the correct flow within the washup area. We recently made an entry table to fit a scheme incorporating a dishwasher which was from the Ark. There would have been no chance of success on that project without the close interaction between the main parties.

For more information on Corsair Engineering’s bespoke and adjustable offerings, call 01295 267021 or email

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