Could you be Corsair’s next Design Engineer?

Corsair Job Vacancy

After a busy first half of 2018, and a range of projects completed, Corsair Engineering are now looking to expand their design department.

The catering equipment and commercial ventilation manufacturers have recently completed a run of fantastic projects, including work at sites such as the Nordic Kitchen, the Coal Drops Yard at Kings Cross, and the Wimbledon lawn tennis association.

Following these completed works and a continued busy period in both their fabrication and Vortex ventilation departments, the Banbury-based firm is on the lookout for two design engineers to join their expert team.

Corsair are a genuine manufacturer of commercial catering equipment and kitchen ventilation systems, and so need two keen designers who are looking to advance their career to join their expert and experienced team. The software which they operate on is 2D AutoCAD and 3D Solid works in conjunction with Radan- Radpunch for programming.

Managing Director at Corsair Engineering, Arun Sahajpal, said: “Corsair are a growing firm and a great team to be a part of, so if you’re interested in taking the next step in your career then please get in touch with myself or our Operations Director, Adrian Levin.

“For this role, a knowledge of the design principles of sheet metal fabrication and the catering industry would be ideal, however, the right attitude and a desire to learn and progress are far more important.”

As well as hearing from experienced designers, Corsair are also open to applications from individuals looking to take the first career steps in the form of an apprenticeship.

If you think this is the perfect role for you, please contact Arun at and Adrian at


New Website

Welcome to our new website. Corsair Engineering invites you to explore our new website. This links back to our new group marketing strategy, so expect lots more to come. For more information on our group please view the Unitech Group site.

Our new site has been created with the customer experience in mind, the site includes many new features to help users quickly and easily navigate the site and find the right product or service that they require.

Visitors to the site can stay informed with the latest Corsair Engineering updates through the news and case study pages. Please supply us with your email address in the relevant forms so we can keep up to date.

At Corsair Engineering we aim to make your life easier, so whatever your requirements are get in touch.
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Corsair Engineering

At Corsair Engineering, we’re proud to say that over 70 per cent of our output is bespoke.

Our commitment to providing these unique products, means that distributors can offer their customers the most efficient and cost-effective solution for their particular application, rather than settling for off-the-shelf offerings.

There are lots of factors that are pivotal to a dealer’s offering: it’s important that they choose the ‘right’ products for the end user. Cost is a big issue for dealers and their customers but they also must take into consideration the cost-benefit properties for the solutions on offer. We are very keen to empahsise the difference between price and cost at Corsair –

Making a product adjustable makes it much more convenient and versatile for the end user, and therefore should be attractive to the distributor. Corsair offers various types of height adjustment on our products depending on the application.

For example, we have just made several height-adjustable fish tables for one of the UK’s leading supermarket groups. We also supply a ‘ladder’ system that allows height adjustment of our Wall Shelving and our Racking can be supplied with adjustability using a Corner clamp bracket.

The Corsair team is well experienced in dealing with other manufacturers in the industry to ensure that our offering is designed to perfectly interface with their equipment.

Dishwash tabling certainly requires close liaison with other manufacturers since the merge between the fabrication and the dishwasher is fundamental to the correct flow within the washup area. We recently made an entry table to fit a scheme incorporating a dishwasher which was from the Ark. There would have been no chance of success on that project without the close interaction between the main parties.

For more information on Corsair Engineering’s bespoke and adjustable offerings, call 01295 267021 or email

Education Catering Facilities

Education catering facilities can be a challenging environment, so it is vital that caterers have to properly designed counters to match the operation.

The first consideration when fitting counters and food display into school dining rooms, is whether you have the space and the budget for a fixed counter, or do you need or want to consider a mobile servery. Fixed counters can be made bespoke with special finishes, surface materials and frontages, but will require design input from a kitchen designer and manufacturer.

It’s important to weigh up what your kitchen needs before making the decision, such as whether your operation can manage with a standard modular unit, or whether a bespoke counter would be required.

Bespoke solutions can be built and tailored to suit both the environment and operation, but tend to be at a higher price point. Modular units can be finished to look bespoke and are a generally more cost-effective option.

Mobile serveries are great where space is limited, allowing you to choose from separate or linked units. They are extremely effective in multi-use rooms and have the ability to create multiple points of sale with minimal investment, and also serve to reduce pressure on the main serving area. These versatile products can be configured to suit the space and should be considered where budgets are limited or, as is more and more the case, there is a dynamic demand environment.

Make sure you are considering the working height of the counter and servery for primary schools versus secondary and comprehensive schools, as these will differ. Aim for good visibility of food and visual contact between server and customer, with no visual obstructions created by gantries, for example.

If you need assistance with creating serveries and counters for a kitchen design project in a school environment, we can help – contact the Corsair Engineering team on 01295 267021.

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