Moving and Serving

Moving and Serving

Commercial Catering Trolleys and Servery Counters

Discover our wide range of stainless steel commercial catering trolleys and servery counters, designed to ensure food is served in the best possible condition, no matter how far it needs to travel. Whether you’re plating individual dishes or transporting food in larger quantities, Corsair will deliver the right solution for you.

Commercial Catering Trolleys (The Moving Bit)

Keep your food hot, fresh, and ready to serve with Corsair’s food transportation solutions – including our popular hot food trolleys.

Challenger Hot Food Trolleys

challenger hot food trolley

For the prison service and custodial estate.

Bulk Food Trolleys

regen oven with door open

For hospitals and nursing homes.

Trent Regeneration Ovens

regen ovens

For schools and educational establishments.

Trent Breakfast Trolley

beverage and breakfast trolley

For hospital wards and healthcare facilities.

Servery Counters and Hot Plates (Serving You Right)

Industry leading serving equipment, to help you set the standard in culinary excellence.

Flexikart Servery Counters

hot food trolley

For schools and nursing homes (available in mobile and static versions).

Carvery Units

heated carvery unit

For larger schools, colleges, universities and prisons.

Beaumont Hot Cupboards

commercial hot cupboard

For restaurants, hotels and commercial kitchens.

Hot Plates

boiling hot plates

For industrial, laboratory and catering use.

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