Moving and Serving

Moving & Serving

Industry-leading Food Transportation and Serving Solutions

Service points in Hospitals and the Custodial Estate and even some banqueting and large-scale catering operations can be far away from the main kitchen. Corsair offers solutions to ensure that food is served in prime condition, whatever the distance and whether the food is plated or transported in bulk. If you need to simply keep food hot before serving or regenerate it, or even serve it from a Bain Marie section on the trolley Corsair can deliver the solution.

The moving bit…………….

Challenger Hot Food Trolleys for the Prison Service and Custodial Estate
Trent Bulk and Plated Hot Food Trolleys for hospitals and nursing homes
Trent Regen Ovens for schools and educational establishments
Trent Breakfast Trolley for hospital wards, healthcare facilities, schools offering Breakfast Club

Serving you right…………….

Flexikart School and Nursing Home Mobile & Static Servery Counters
Cherwell Serveries/Countering for larger Schools, Colleges, Prisons
Beaumont Range Kitchen Hot Cupboards
Boiling Plates for Industrial, laboratory and Catering use

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