Dart Bar Systems

Dart Bar Systems (DBS)

Making the most efficient use of space and maximising the flow of drinks and profit.

The Workstation Concept

Talking about workstations in bar design may seem dry and impersonal but they are the key to improved customer satisfaction. This is achieved through constant customer contact, fast and personal service and minimal delay in getting the customers what they are there for – a drink!

Workstations are also the key to improved profitability – the more drink you serve, the more money you make. In any given hotel, nightclub or pub, there will be several different activities taking place behind the bar – serving beer (bottled and draught), making cocktails and mixing drinks, glasswashing etc. If we make each one of these as efficient as possible and as compact as possible, then we have a great opportunity to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction with the speed and quality of your service.

Alongside a range of standard sizes and configurations, Corsair’s unique design and manufacturing facilities offer custom-built solutions to exactly match your operations.

Dart Bar Systems


  • Ease of specification.
  • Combination of modular units and larger pre-defined workstations provides ultimate mix of efficiency and ease of maintenance and cleaning.
  • Design of units emphasises density of storage – no wasted space.
  • Stainless steel construction – durable, attractive and easy to clean.
  • Custom built element enables precise alignment with a client’s needs.
  • Accessories such as bottle openers, speed rails and knock-out drawers for coffee grounds to provide the finishing touch to the DBS.

Line Drawing of Cocktail Station

Dart Bar Systems
Dart Bar Systems

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