Beaumont Hot Cupboards

Commercial Hot Cupboard

A commercial hot cupboard is the workhorse of any kitchen. Whether you run a bustling restaurant, a catering business, or a hotel, a reliable hot cupboard is crucial for keeping your dishes warm, fresh, and ready to serve. At Corsair, we manufacture and sell a range of premium Beaumont hot cupboards to meet the culinary needs of your kitchen.

commercial hot cupboard

Commercial Hot Cupboard Features

  • Standard and bespoke sizes available
  • Bain marie, ceran and plain top options
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Dry heat standard specification
  • Wet well option for prolonged service periods
  • Easy to maintain
  • Pass through option for hot cupboard
  • Single, two and three-tier gantries with required combination of heated and ambient/lit shelves
  • Range of electrical connections to accommodate site conditions
  • Mobile option available

Product Description

Our Beaumont hot cupboards are designed to improve your kitchen’s efficiency and food service standards. Crafted with durable stainless steel construction, these hot cupboards are built to last in the most demanding of environments.

Regardless of whether you require a standard or bespoke size, our Beaumont range offers the perfect fit for your kitchen’s unique layout. Choose from bain marie, ceran, or plain top options to tailor your hot cupboard to your specific menu needs. With a dry heat standard specification, your dishes will stay warm without compromising texture, while the wet well option ensures extended service periods and moist, flavourful dishes.

Maintenance is a breeze with its easy-to-clean design, helping to keep your kitchen operations running smoothly and hygienic at all times. Opt for the pass-through option to further streamline service operations.

Gantry Options

Customise your commercial hot cupboard with single, two, or three tier gantries, allowing you to organise and present food to your liking.

Single Tier Gantry: Ideal for smaller kitchens or when you have limited overhead space. The single tier gantry provides a single level of heated and ambient/lit shelves. It’s perfect for showcasing your dishes and keeping them within easy reach.

Two Tier Gantry: When you need additional storage and display space without taking up too much floor space, the two tier gantry is an excellent choice. It offers two levels of shelves, allowing you to organise your dishes efficiently.

Three Tier Gantry: For kitchens with high volume service or which serve a wide variety of dishes, the three tier gantry provides the ultimate solution. With three levels of heated and ambient/lit shelves, you can create a stunning display and keep a wide range of dishes at the perfect serving temperature.

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