Odour Control: DEFRA Guidance for Commercial Kitchens

Odour Control: DEFRA Guidance for Commercial Kitchens

Effective odour control is a common requirement of any commercial kitchen ventilation system. We provide solutions for owners who need to address odour nuisance at the planning stage of opening a new restaurant or catering establishment, in order to obtain the necessary planning permissions.

DEFRA Guidance on the Control of Odours

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When a commercial kitchen opens up for the first time, it is subject to the environmental criteria that no odours should be noticed at the exhaust. As for what’s deemed as acceptable for sufficient odour control, most local authorities use the ‘DEFRA: Guidance on nuisance smells‘ as an acceptable benchmark. We follow these guidelines to design the correct solution for each application, making your commercial kitchen safe, clean and compliant.

Different methods can be used to control odour. With the development of technology, more effective and more environmentally friendly methods are now available. For example, we provide UV light and grease filtration systems, as well as ozone generators to tackle such issues.

Odour Control for Commercial Kitchens

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A well equipped kitchen ventilation system will help prevent odours from festering and affecting the working environment, or from travelling to the other parts of the premises, such as the dining area.

Depending on the location of your commercial kitchen, nearby residents may also be affected by food odours released in the extracted air. As such, getting rid of these odours is imperative in any commercial kitchen.

We make every effort to ensure food odours are brought under control and eliminated. Our experts will assess everything from the size of your cooking facility and the type of food prepared to give you the best equipment for effective odour control – which also adheres to the requirements of your local authority.

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