Tardis Janitorial Cupboard

Janitorial Cupboard

Apart from legislation, little has changed in the ‘dirty’ end of the kitchen for years. Imagine a clean defined area, with no wet mops or dirty smelly buckets in sight – and even space for all your controlled cleaning chemicals, as well as an optional hand wash basin. Corsair’s janitorial cupboard makes it all come true, keeping everything stored away in one lockable stainless steel enclosure.

janitorial cleaners cupboard

Janitors Cleaning Cupboard Features

  • Strong internal shelving for chemical storage and cleaning products
  • Adjustable shelves
  • A perforated panel to prevent fume build-up
  • Mop and brush hangers combined with a washable drip tray*
  • A double jointed tap for the buckets you can’t get into the sink
  • An optional ozone generator to deliver active odour control
  • Rear and base service access panel
  • Door-mounted coat hooks for overalls
  • Storage facility for buckets and signage panels
  • Ability to mount a chemical dosage unit within the cupboard
  • Fully assembled
  • UK manufactured

*only on TD090 and TD1200 models.

Tardis Janitorial Cupboard Product Table

Our janitorial cupboard is part of the Tardis range at Corsair. It includes a COSHH cupboard, a bucket sink, a hand wash basin and much more!

This heavy duty cleaning cupboard is designed with large storage space for storing mops and buckets, tall items such as brooms and vacuum cleaners – as well as general cleaning equipment and supplies. It’s suitable for both commercial and industrial purposes, including schools, offices, hospitals and warehouses.

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