Derwent Dishwasher Tabling

Derwent Dishwasher Tabling

Ensure your dishwash operations run as smooth as possible with our high quality stainless steel dishwasher tables. We offer various configurations for all your dishwasher tabling needs.

Dishwash Tabling

In any professional kitchen, you are bound to be dealing with dirty dishes. It can be a very busy environment, so we understand the importance of getting these dishes quickly and efficiently cleaned. Our stainless steel dishwasher tables are designed for just the task.

We are able to create a seamless wash area, suited to your exact requirements – the perfect solution for keeping your kitchen tidy and organised at all times.

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At Corsair Engineering, our products are constructed using only use the best materials. We use high quality stainless steel which is built to last. Not only is it able to withstand a good amount of stress but it is also extremely easy to clean and maintain, helping your kitchen remain as hygienic as possible.

Roller Dishwash Table

With close links to all major dishwasher manufacturers, our design engineers will ensure that your dirties (inlet) and cleans (outlet) tables are tailored to meet your exact needs. This is accompanied by a range of options and accessories – including splashbacks, basket racks and scrapping holes.

Our full range also includes derwents sinks, suited for all types of applications.

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