Dishwasher Tabling

Dishwasher Tabling

Ensure your dishwash operations run as smoothly as possible with our high quality stainless steel dishwasher tables. Our dishwasher tabling is the perfect choice for all commercial caterers, with various configurations to choose from to create a seamless and efficient wash area.

Dishwash Tabling

Commercial Dishwasher Tables

Our commercial (or pass through dishwasher tables) are designed to help get your dirty dishes quickly and efficiently cleaned. Available in both left hand and right hand arrangements, these tables serve as either entry or exit points for your dirty or freshly cleaned racks. They allow for a quicker turnaround of washed cutlery to improve your kitchen operations.

Dirties Side (Inlet Table)

Our ‘dirties’ table is where your dirty dishes and glasses are placed for pre-rinsing, before being loaded into the dishwasher.

Clean Side (Outlet Table)

Once your dishes are cleaned, they need a dedicated area for drying and organising. Our clean side tabling options provide ample space for this.

Roller Dishwash Table

Options and Accessories

Every commercial kitchen has unique requirements, which is why we offer a range of options and accessories to give you the perfect dishwasher tabling solution.

Splashbacks: Keep your kitchen walls protected from splashes and stains with our stainless steel splashbacks, which are extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Rollers: Our rollers are designed for the easy movement of baskets and racks, helping to save time and effort during the dishwashing process.

Scrapping Holes: Any leftover food particles can be swiftly and conveniently disposed of with a scrapping hole. Ideal if you want to avoid clogging up your dishwasher’s plumbing.

Clearing Trolleys: Perfect for transporting dirty plates and cutlery back to the kitchen, ready for washing.

With close links to all major dishwasher manufacturers, our design engineers will ensure you have a dishwasher tabling system which aligns perfectly with your kitchen’s needs.

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