Bain Marie Units

Bain Marie Units

At Corsair, we manufacture hot cupboards which (as an option) are available with a bain marie. Find out how your business or environment can use this appliance to further benefit your kitchen.

What is a Bain Marie?

A bain marie (often called a water bath), is a piece of equipment used for gently warming delicate and pre-cooked foods. The stainless steel container consistently surrounds the food with heat, keeping it at the required temperature until ready for service – especially useful when food needs to be served over a long period of time.

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Several places can take advantage of these appliances, ranging from nursing homes to staff and school canteens. In fact, many fast food and modern catering restaurants wouldn’t be able to function without one.

Our bain marie appliances are available as either wet or dry heat options.

Wet Heat

The containers are immersed into hot water to gently heat food. Although it takes slightly longer to heat up, it saves certain foods from burning or sticking to the pan as the water temperature doesn’t exceed boiling point. Hot water also produces steam and moisture which prevents food from drying out.

Dry Heat

Dry heat versions use the same heating method but without water. Instead, the steel containers are heated directly. They therefore heat up a lot faster and are deemed more efficient, as you’re not keeping water at a constant temperature. Due to the absence of hot water, the risk of anything being spilt is also eliminated.

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