Hot Food Trolleys

Hot Food Trolleys – For Moving and Serving Hot Food

If you simply need to keep food hot before serving, or have it served from a Bain Marie section on a trolley – Corsair Engineering can deliver. From schools and hospitals to hotels and more, our hot food trolleys have found their way into numerous establishments.

Hot Food Trolley Solutions That Deliver

Service points can often be located far away from the main kitchen. This holds true for places like hospitals, the custodial estate, banqueting events, and even some large catering operations. As food transportation specialists, we can ensure that your food is served in prime condition, all of the time. This is regardless of distance and whether the food is plated or transported in bulk.

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Our Product Range

We are a leading UK manufacturer of hot food trolleys. So whether you need a heated trolley for a small restaurant or a larger servery counter to handle high volume catering, we have you covered. Constructed from high grade stainless steel, our trolleys are designed to offer a sleek and professional appearance while being durable and easy to maintain.

Challenger Hot Food Trolleys

challenger hot food trolley

For the Prison Service and Custodial Estate.

Bulk and Plated Hot Food Trolleys

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For Hospitals, Hotels and Nursing Homes.

Trent Regeneration Ovens

regen ovens

For Schools and Educational Establishments.

Flexikart Servery Counters

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For Schools, Restaurants and Canteens.

How Long Does Food Stay Hot For?

One of the most common concerns for caterers is how long their food will stay hot and fresh.

With Corsair’s hot food trolleys, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dishes will retain their temperature for several hours. Our trolleys are equipped with advanced heating mechanisms, which help to maintain the ideal temperature for various types of food. Whether it’s soups, stews, or plated meals, our heated food trolleys will keep your delicacies warm until they reach the serving table.

Hot Cupboards on Wheels

At Corsair Engineering, we also design, manufacture and sell commercial hot cupboards. These are available as a static unit or with wheels to allow for mobile transportation. A hot cupboard on wheels will give you the flexibility to position it at your preferred location, optimising space usage and improving the overall efficiency of your food service operation.

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Bain Marie Hot Cupboard

As an additional option, your hot cupboard (or trolley) can be equipped with a bain marie. This is a water bath appliance designed to hold cooked foods at a constant temperature. It’s an essential piece of equipment for restaurants and catering operations.

Cooked food is stored in GN containers before being decanted into the bain marie unit for serving. The bain marie is heated from below and if an overhead heated gantry is used, from above too. This ensures your food stays hot even after it has been removed from the hot cupboard. The bain marie section is independently heated and thermostatically controlled.

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Wet Bain Marie

The wet bain marie hot cupboard is a popular choice for caterers who wish to keep moist dishes and sauces at ideal serving temperatures. This is achieved by submerging the containers into hot water to gently heat the food. Although it takes slightly longer to heat up, it saves certain foods from burning or sticking to the pan as the water temperature doesn’t exceed boiling point.

Dry Bain Marie

Alternatively, a dry bain marie uses the same heating method but without water. Instead, the steel containers are heated directly. They therefore heat up a lot faster and are deemed more efficient, as you’re not keeping water at a constant temperature. Dry heat versions are ideal for keeping dry foods warm such as baked goods, roasted meats and pasta dishes. Due to the absence of hot water, the risk of anything being spilt is also eliminated.

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