Commercial Kitchen Extraction

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems

It’s absolutely paramount that any commercial kitchen is able to function in a safe, healthy and hygienic environment. This includes adhering to all workplace, building and safety regulations. At Corsair Engineering we can provide commercial kitchen extraction systems that are able to meet all of the necessary demands. Choosing the right system is a fundamental part of any kitchen. In fact, it has the potential to cause serious harm if designed and/or installed incorrectly.

The Importance of Good Kitchen Extraction

Kitchen extraction systems are important for many reasons. Not only do they allow kitchens to function efficiently and effectively in busy conditions, they can also increase the longevity of the kitchen itself. Our systems help promote the health and safety of staff, making it a more comfortable working environment for everyone concerned. The systems are individually designed to remove the build-up of heat and grease. This is generated as a by-product of the cooking process in commercial kitchens. Particulate matter, as well as fumes, vapours and heat are captured by the ventilation system and transported to a neutral point of discharge.

Air Quality

Cooking food will produce many different irritants that can affect working conditions and individuals in different ways. These irritants will require dispensing by the correct methods. The objective of a well designed ventilation system is to improve air quality within a building. Whether it’s refining the air within a kitchen using recirculation systems, or through more conventional methods like utilising the fresh air from outside. All of this allows the extraction of smells, pollutants and also minimises condensation build up.

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems

Odour Control

The cooking processes in a commercial kitchen can produce and release intense odours into the environment. Fitting effective odour control can counter this and greatly reduce the nuisance of noxious odours at the point of exhaust. Corsair’s odour control systems can be designed as part of a complete ventilation package, or potentially incorporated as a retrospective addition to an existing system. This can assist with meeting local council / environmental specifications, or in sensitive areas of development.

The Vortex Division successfully launched 5 years ago. It highlights Corsair’s strengths in design, manufacture and project delivery. With a skilled and experienced workforce, we are happy to work on any and every opportunity. From the simplest to the most complex of projects.

Our own in house installation teams have experience that stretches back many decades. The Vortex Division can design, deliver and install a range of systems. This could be anything from the simplest wall canopy to the most complex of solutions. Comprising on demand ventilation, UV for grease destruction, odour control, tempered air, noise attenuation – the list goes on. We have a range of service distribution units (service spines) and a customisable ‘remote supply air cube’ range. You will have access to a genuine one stop shop with the Vortex team.

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