Commercial Kitchen Extraction / Ventilation

Commercial Kitchen Extraction / Ventilation

The right commercial kitchen ventilation system is a fundamental part of any commercial kitchen. In fact, it has the potential to cause serious harm if specified incorrectly.

Having successfully launched some 5 years ago, the Vortex Division highlights Corsair’s strengths in design, manufacture and project delivery. With a skilled and experienced workforce, we are happy to work on any and every opportunity – from the simplest to the most complex of projects.

With experience stretching back many decades and its own in-house installation teams, the Vortex Division can design, deliver and install systems from the simplest wall canopy to the most complex solution. Comprising on-demand ventilation, UV for grease destruction, odour control, tempered air, noise attenuation and so the list goes on.

With a range of Service Distribution Units (Service Spines) and a customisable Remote Supply Air Cube Range, you will have access to a genuine one-stop shop with the Vortex team.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

As well as providing commercial kitchen extraction solutions, Corsair Engineering also offer a wide range of other products.

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