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Service points in Hospitals, the Custodial Estate and even some banqueting and large-scale catering operations can be far away from the main kitchen. As food transportation specialists, Corsair offers solutions to ensure that food is served in prime condition (regardless of distance and whether the food is plated or transported in bulk). If you need to simply keep food hot before serving, or even serve it from a Bain Marie section on the trolley – Corsair can deliver. Read more about our hot cupboard solutions below:

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Hot Cupboard
Hot Cupboard
Hot Food Cupboard

What are Hot Cupboards?

Hot cupboards are used to keep larger batches of cooked food warm, ready to be served. Several different environments and businesses can take advantage of these units, from nursing homes to staff and school canteens and prisons. They are not designed to cook food, instead keeping food at controlled temperatures suitable for serving. These temperatures are usually managed using manual or digital controls. The cooked food is stored in GN containers before being decanted into the bain marie unit for serving. An overhead heated gantry ensures that food is kept hot even after is has been removed from the hot cupboard.

Hot cupboards can be static units or manufactured with castors to allow transportation. For example, a nursing home may rely and benefit from using a hot cupboard with castors installed. It would be normal procedure to have food taken around to each individual.

Bain Marie
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Bain Marie Hot Cupboard

The addition of a bain marie section turns the hot cupboard into an efficient serving area. The bain marie is heated from below and if a heated gantry is used, from above too. This ensures the food stays hot even when it is out of the hot cupboard. The bain marie section is independently heated and thermostatically controlled.

As part of our range at Corsair Engineering, we offer a variety of hot cupboards.

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